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    Lelit Bianca

    SKU: 364115376135191
    • Bianca PL162T - EU - V3

      Dual Boiler System with silent rotary pump



      Updated software operating the machine. This will allow to introduce the new Low flow function, the stand-by mode and the warm-up optimization for Bianca.


      Low Flow Function:

      Bianca V3 will automatised the paddle movements:

      Machine can be easily operated also by less expert users, as they do not have to pay particular attention to the coffee brewing.

      For the more expert users, this upgrade means that the pressure and flow profile can be precisely repeated multiple times. Naturally the Paddle can be used in addition to the setting of Low flow.


      Low Energy Consumption:

      ON/ Sleep mode/ E-Mode/ Stand-by


      Warm up Optimisation:

      The newly designed NTC system is able to minimise the time for the machine to be ready to brew and steam/water.



      Height: 400 mm | Width: 290 mm | Depth: 485 mm  | Weight: 26.5 kg

    • E61 group manometer - real extraction pressure

      Dual boiler system - 1.5 litres + 0.80L

      Multifunction Display - LCC, PID

      LCC - PID Temperature pre-infusion control

      Low-noise rotative motor pump

      Professional lever valve technology

      Compact dimensions

      Patent pending Coffee Slide portafilter

      Anti-burn Stainless steel Capuccino steam wand

      Anti-burn Stainless steel Tea hot water tap

      Heating Element 1400 + 1400 watt / 230V

      Energy saving option

      Stainless steel chassis

      Repositionable Water Tank 2.5LT

      Adjustable feet

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