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Nuova Simonelli Musica Lux

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Compact

    At only 32 cm, Musica is able to work in both a home and office setting.


    Musica enables the production of espressos or cappuccinos just like in a café. The automatic dosing, thermo-compensated group and steaming system are derived from larger, professional machines.


    Musica has a sound-proof pump and insulated boiler with exchanger.


    The ergonomic, professional portafilters and push-pull steaming system protect the operator against injuries caused by repetitive motion.


    Available with a direct water line connection or a 3 liter reservoir to brew quality espresso anywhere.

  • Group: Single Group

    Lux Version: White Light / Led

    Size / Dimensions (mm): 320*430*400

    Water connection: Tank / Direct

    Steam Wand: Jointed 360

    Water Supply: 3L (tank version)

    Net - Gross Weight (Kg - Lb): 20 (43)

    Boiler (Lt): 2

    Voltage (Volt): 220V / 50-60Hz

    Power (Watt): 1200

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