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Lelit MaraX

SKU: 366615376135191
  • With implemented technologies and features:


    Mara X is extremely silent thanks to a patent pending system and provides a water flow projected to extract the best out of different coffee types



    Mara X has been designed to allow anyone to make an espresso as good as it tastes at a café by using an E61 group



    Its brand-new double probe system, patented by Lelit, keeps brew temperature constant so as to yield the best performance for each single shot


    Height: 350 mm 

    Width: 220 mm 

    Depth: 410 mm 

    Weight: 18.0 kg

    Main FEATURES: 

    E61 type group with mechanical pre-infusion

    1.8 L copper boiler Stainless steel AISI 316L heat exchanger

    Power Saving integrated system

    Thermosyphon circulation double probe HX system (Patent pending)

    Satin-finish stainless steel body

    Configuration button switch for preferred extraction temperature

    15 bar coffee water pump

    Acoustic alarm for lack of water in the tank

    Double manometer for coffee/steam pressure

    Polished old style knobs in phenolic resin with chromed, anti-burn cover

    Anti-burn Stainless steel Capuccino steam wand

    Anti-burn Stainless steel Tea hot water tap

    Heating Element 1300 watt / 230V

    Water Tank 2.5LT

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